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Lithium - don't want to lock me up inside

lithium - don't want to forget how it feels without

lithium - i want to stay in love with my sorrow

oh but god i want to let it go

I can't hold on to me

wonder what's wrong with me

Don't want to le it lay me down this time

drown my will to fly

here in the darkness i know myself

can't break free until i let it go

let me go

Evanescence ~ Lithium

why can't i just fly, be a part of everyrthing i can see from far away?
why can't you just let me fly, forgiving me that i am just myself?
why can't you just fly, instead of cutting off your wings?
why can't we just stand side to side, and noone hurts the other ?

i want to break free, but no one will ever come with me...
so i'll be on my way alone.
taking everything i get,
but never resting for too long.

i'm sorry for everyone i've hurt,
but i'm myself,
i want to stay it,
so good bye
i'll spread my wings and fly away.

17.12.06 12:07

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